About Us

The Pool Painters are a Sydney-based company with extensive experience in resurfacing concrete, fibreglass, pebble and marble sheen pools with epoxy resin.

We deliver the highest quality for all jobs, big or small, and it is our quality and dedication to customer service that has resulted in our reputation as the trusted choice for pool painting.

Our clients are both local and international, including commercial and residential locations. We pride ourselves on first class workmanship and professional service no matter the location or job requirements.

It is our proven track record in quality restoration and painting of swimming pools, spa pools and surrounds that differentiate us. We bring experience and care to all the work we do, ensuring an outstanding result every time.

Why choose us?

Apart from our years of industry experience, we believe in working with you, the client, to clearly identify your needs and ensure the project we undertake delivers outstanding results.

We are stringent in making sure that the work we carry out is safe, clean and correct, and our staff follow the procedures and standards we set.

We understand local and commercial pool requirements and bring a professional mindset to all our jobs, ensuring you are 100% happy with the outcome of the project.

  • All our work is clearly documented and photographed from start to finish.
  • All pool resurfacing comes with a 3 year written warranty.