The Pool Painters offer a full range of services to meet the needs of both residential and commercial pools. We offer expert advice and assistance in making your pool the best that it can be. We provide eco-friendly solutions to ensure safety for humans and animals in the pools, spas and ponds that we work on, while maintaining work of the highest standard.

Pool Painting

We know what it takes to make a pool look fantastic. No matter what the state of your pool we can bring it to life and make it sparkle. We follow a detailed process to ensure quality and a perfect finish. A summary of our process is below:

  • Pool is completely emptied
  • Surfaces are cleaned and tested to ensure the right coating is used
  • Pool substrate is checked for damage
  • Coatings are applied during optimal temperature and weather conditions
  • Pool is refilled and monitored to ensure a perfect outcome
  • Pool water is balanced to ensure no damage to the new coating


If your pool’s tiles are missing, faded or cracked, we will try to find the same tiles, or near identical tiles, to ensure your pool has a perfect look when filled with water. At The Pool Painters, we have had great success with matching tiles in the past.

The Pool Painters can also assist to find new tiles to replace the previous worn, cracked or faded tiles.